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Pizza, Wine and Caroline

I love eating pizza, especially Salerno’s on The Fox pizza.  I enjoy a glass of wine, typically from Fermenting Cellars. Or an occasional Old Fashioned. Make it with bourbon please. And for the last 22 years I have been singing “Sweet Caroline” for a living.  This is the reason for the title.  The reason for this blog is that I would like to have fun sharing with you the things that I like, things I do, things I don’t like, and anything in between.  Give me a chance to show off my humor.  What do you say?  Let’s dive right in, shall we?

I really never saw myself being an impersonator, which is a word that truly annoys me.  I’m happy that the industry has evolved and the term “Tribute Artist” is the norm.  But it hasn’t changed people’s expectations.  Most folks are expecting an individual to look like, dress like and act like a famous person.  Believe me, I tried to do it.  I just never felt right doing that.  I always thought that I would be able to have a performance and folks would attend because they enjoyed what I did and how I did it. 

*Bonus Annoyance: While I’m at it, do you want to know what else I find really annoying?  When someone says, for instance, ” so and so is the best Elvis I’ve ever seen”.  How can that possibly make sense?  Wouldn’t Elvis be the best Elvis you’ve ever seen?  Or the other way is when the tribute artist advertises that he or she is the best tribute next to the original and then shows up playing tracks.  Moving on…

When COVID shut everything down I immediately concocted a plan to kill off Denny Diamond. I had been dubbed that because my last name of Svehla was tough to write and pronounce.  With the last name of Diamond came the constant insinuation that I would be Neil Diamond.  So, I thought to myself, “self we’ll just go with Denny'”.  I mean you have Cher, Madonna, Beyonce and Elvis.  Why not Denny!  And I’m happy to say that it’s working.  Well, it’s working to a point.  I always have to say my name and then say, “you know, like the restaurant with the grand slam breakfast”.  People are even getting Svehla.  Just ask me sometime and I’ll help you with it.

To reiterate, I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and just having fun.  I hope you join the blog, newsletter, both or just keep checking back.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you.


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