We’re cooking up something good!

time lapse photography of four black metal cooking wares

If you’re just joining me or you’ve come over from the old newsletter…Welcome!  I’m so happy you’re here.  I’ve got a lot of news to share.

If you haven’t taken the time to see my Neil Diamond tribute with the All Night Long Show Band it’s right here.  Take a listen.

YouTube player

YouTube player

The band and I are adding some new songs and new shows to the repertoire.

I tried this iPhone app called Smule and sang a duet with a young lady and that was really great.  I truly enjoy singing Broadway tunes.  It’s how I started singing waaaayyyy back when.  If you haven’t heard it I hope you take the time to listen to the whole thing.

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Last but not least my one man show, “a Neil Diamond story” will be out later this year.  I’m hoping to perform it at small theaters but my dream is to perform it with the band at larger venues.  Keep checking back and keep checking the schedule.
Thanks so much.
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